Real Estate

When you’re in real estate, people ask you several questions repeatedly like, “How’s the market? How’s business? How do you like what you do? Have you sold/listed anything lately?” And like any question to any profession, there are several answers (even from one person given the day) from different people depending on the day, their level of success, where they live, heck, even what the weather is like affects the answer for that day/moment/time. I’d like to address the question “How do you like it?” Well, considering these things 1) I wake up every day unemployed until I find a buyer/seller and close a deal, 2) I never know what will be thrown at me from which direction because there are so many moving parts, 3) I work harder than I ever have, 4) my success and profit relates directly from the efforts I put towards my business, and 5) I am an independent contractor with guidelines, I like it quite a bit thank you! The catch is to get people’s attention, make them almost think you do not like what you’re doing, and then catch them off guard with “I love it!” Then you have a conversation going, but I must admit that I led you into this a bit astray (if you didn’t catch on to that already).
To relate back to the answers I just gave: 1) I like waking up with a different challenge every day because it motivates me and challenges me so I am never bored or complaisant, 2) I gain so many connects and so much useful knowledge in the field “putting out fires” so to speak with a calm smile on my face and a skilled patience without getting frustrated because my professionals have taught me this (a professional practices before the job, a rookie practices during the job), 3) I get to work from home, with my kids, wake up/go to sleep with them every morning and night, and set my own schedule so that I have several days off together so we have more fun than ever before—even if I am not always present when here, I am at least here; 4) I actually benefit directly from all of my hard work—apart from bartending, my previous efforts were unappreciated and many times unnoticed with little to no compensation, but now if I work my butt off, I reap the rewards. 5) I have the most amazing work team and boss one could ask for, and I’m pretty sure she has ruined me for any future boss because we are such a perfect match—she keeps me in line and accountable without pressures, stipulations, or judgements. I’ve said it before, I truly never expected to love this business so much. I think that so many past bartenders (at least many that I know) are great in real estate because there are so many moving parts—being a great bartender requires quick thinking, aggression, hard work ethic, positive attitude even when people are completely nasty, skill, and a little side of cockiness…your concoction for a perfect agent! LOL. Now that is not to say that I haven’t met very successful people in this industry who were previous teachers, hair dressers, and multiple other things, but I am just speaking from a background I know, and one where I have seen at least a dozen successful real estate agents that were also past, successful bartenders.
So sure, just like every business, there are a few less than perfect details, but I absolutely love what I am doing. Many agents have said things like I will not like it soon enough or when the market crashes again many people will run the other way, but I disagree. I cannot see myself doing anything else at this moment. I truly enjoy going to work—I look very forward to it. I love seeing the people I work with, I love learning from them, and I love being present in their energy! How’s the market? Best way to tell how it is for you, is to see how the value of your home has adjusted since you’ve purchased if that is the investment you’re currently asking about. If the value has gone down, well then the market isn’t so good for you huh? I feel like I can say this because I am one of the rare unfortunate souls who purchased a home 9 years ago who will not likely profit from it. Welcome to the world of ownership and investment. Sometimes we lose and sometimes we win; when we win, it is awesome! That is why we take the chances again and again. Whether you win or lose on a deal, you will most likely purchase or sell again, so to me, the market is always profitable to some extent. And by the way, I look like the elephant man today—face super swollen, bruised and achy for anyone who was wandering. Namaste…