Real Estate



It is clear to me that I have entered into Real Estate at a good time. We have great apps like Agent Inbox, DotLoop, RPR, and others that calculate estimated closing costs and amortization charts--we have an app for everything. We have advertising tools such as the MLS, Coldwell Banker and affiliates (differs obviously depending on the company each agent is affiliated with), and many other search sites or companies who help posting to social media, web searches, internet fees, and so on. Also, everyone seems to have a cellular phone, GPS, and handy tools like low fuel indicators (I will follow up  shortly on why I mention this). I, for one, cannot imagine starting real estate in a day without these useful tools. Keeping it all together with these tools is still a task--seasoned agents most feel as if they have so much free time compared to ten years ago, or possibly, they work is just as busy but more profitable. Kudos to those agents! I'm sure all of the technology is quite an adjustment for many, and I know this is why I must always stay "in the know" with technology, updates, the market changes, classes, and relationships to have continued growth and success. 

Let me give you a brief rundown of my first showing! I was meeting clients about 1.25 hours away from my home, and realized I needed gas just after turning off of a major road in town. Did I panic? No! I even passed a station thinking I would see another one that would be less busy very soon. That did not happen. I drove for another hour or so all the way to the property where my clients were awaiting my arrival without seeing one more station. Mind you, while this is happening, my GPS keeps changing my destination arrival time to a later time—it went from (not exact times) approximately 3:25 arrival time to 3:45 arrival time and I had not stopped or driven slow (by any stretch of the imagination) one time. My gas light changed from viewing number of miles left to a red line that quickly disappeared into a black space (meaning it could not go any further…haha this makes me think of the line in the first 10 minutes of Super Troopers the movie where they say “he’s already pulled over; he can’t pull over any farther”). Anyways, my heart was racing, I was nervous, and I just knew that I was going to have to call AAA to come get me in BFE, and end my showings with the couple for the day! I felt destroyed! How could I mess this up? I’d been preparing with my notes, getting all gussied up, and prepared to leave 10 minutes earlier than suggested time because I was nervous…it seems the harder I try, the worse things get! I told my boss that I am definitely Murphy’s Law, and although usually expressed jokingly, I usually mean my day has gone to complete crap in a hand basket with no one to carry me! Yes, the stories are still quite funny later (even to me), and yes, most days get so out of control that I just start laughing instead of getting mad or crying saying to the universe, “okay, what more do you have planned for me today?” Seriously, it can get quite comical following me around for a day. And I am not sure if my Murphy’s Law thoughts bring this cause and effect into my life as the book “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne that suggests we make our own reality, or if I’m overly accident prone and attracted these things with my energy, or if I just have goofy luck. I won’t say its bad luck because I am truly lucky in every way. My kids, husband, friends, success, achievements, brain, home, health, travels, memories and lifestyle are all great to me—I truly enjoy my life. Sure I have problems like everyone else. I am certainly acting like my life is all butterflies and fairytales, but I am happy and thankful for all that I have and all I’ve done (even the bad crap) because it has brought me to where I am today and made me the person I am today, and I am happy to say I like ME! I used to think that we are only the reason we are because we choose to be that way, but I know that is not entirely true. I thought I loved me because I was not clear on the person I portrayed to the world—I thought I was kind and I assumed everyone else (at least the people who really mattered) saw that in me as well. Truth be told, I wasn’t coming off short-tempered, uncaring, selfish, belittling, aggressive, angry, and disrespectful—now that’s a lot of negative adjectives to describe someone by who thinks people like them right?! Maybe it was becoming a mother that really made me see the complete light, although I have been evolving my whole life. I can tell you when I saw my reactions with my little man, I saw my frustrations, anxiety, and angry tones coming out more than ever—I vowed to be better…to be the best mother I possibly can for my kids. I will be the person I envision to be amazing. I will think before I speak, and if I do not, I will apologize and start over. I know I’m getting off on a tangent, so this can me another blog another day! I need to go play with my son’s new Splatoon! It’s family time! Namaste all…And if you read regularly Namaste means to me “may the beautiful light and love within me also be shown to you with love and respect for you, and may I receive your light and love as I greet you whether for the first time or after a million.” It is to share my hopes and dreams of a beautiful community and knowing that love is what we need. It is ME being the person I want to see in the world. So again….Namaste my loves…