Real Estate

That moment when you’re pushing the button on your refrigerator for ice to fall into your glass, and your son’s plastic blue scissors from his Playdoh set falls out in addition…Hmmm…Well, how did that get in there? He’s much too short to reach the actual bin of ice, if he opened the door to the freezer he could reach the opening that the ice falls through if he used a stool, and he could’ve possible shoved it into the exterior where the ice falls into your glass (most likely), and it was lodged for an uncertain amount of time! Having children, things like this don’t surprise you as much as they humor you; those crafty little minds and swift maneuvers that get by you when you truly think you’re watching over them constantly. My son once got the mini plastic phone from his play kitchen and lodged it into the toilet within two seconds, but getting it out took about 4 hours of my husband’s evening! Why am I ranting about these little things that usually cause us so much work but took so little time to destroy? Because, that is the way Real Estate is! You can work so hard for a client searching for them, sending them searches, driving them to showings, making phone call after phone call, marketing for/to them, building a relationship, and following up, just to never hear from them again...all that work and time can vanish in an instant. Not to mention when you actually get a contract, and the real work for your client kicks in to get them to the closing; everything can fall through at the last moment due to no fault of yours, and two months+ of determination, work, and diligence is gone.

Now yes, when my husband had to take the toilet apart, he may have learned more about dislodging a toilet than he ever wished to, but the second time my son did a very similar thing in the upstairs bathroom, my husband was OVER IT! Same I could assume goes with very seasoned agents, when time and time again a deal falls through although they’ve done everything perfect on their end. Hard effort without reward can get discouraging—it can make you downright bitter. That’s why the tough and eager are in this business for the long haul, because their determination makes them win against all odds and never give up! I get compared to people who’ve been in the business for 20+ years, compared to people who’ve sold more expensive homes, and compared to people who have less on their plate, but none of those things matter. I have an amazing team and we have a mother company, NRT, that has been leading this industry for 20 years now, and it hasn’t built these strong teams by sending us out on our own. The company and its branches consider the source, recruit the best, use their learned expertise from other fields to strengthen their abilities in the Real Estate markets, and support us in our growth from eggs to butterflies. I am empowered each day, and I feel strong confidence in my work even in my early stages of development. There will always be things to learn along the way that are unique to different situations, changing of times, and the ever changing policies that affect our business. Real Estate is the foundation for the economy. That old saying “take the good with the bad” applies here, but it is what we take from the bad experiences, incomplete sales, or expired listings that makes us stand out above the rest. So next time a plastic pair of Play-doh scissors falls from your ice maker (because this will ever happen to anyone again), find the humor in the task it took for a three-year old to wedge it up there, and remember every hardship or new task can teach us how to repair something, to be stronger, to be wiser, to be more patient, or whatever applies to that situation—you get the idea. Thanks again for reading! Namaste…