Real Estate

In Real Estate, when the ball gets rolling, it really does. At first, many bogus leads, up front expenses, showing/education/equipment/advertising expenses, hours of showings/classes/open houses/floor time, and pulling your hair out to find a balance, it’s easy to see how many people “tap out” within their first two years of real estate. You then start wondering if the veterans are saying “don’t give up” or “don’t get frustrated…it takes time to see the results of all of your hard work,” are saying these things to sit back and watch you suffer a slow, miserable death. Although most every person I’ve come in contact with and the people I work with are thoughtful, helpful, and genuinely kind, I still fill a bit of a smirk behind their lips when they first meet you, size you up, and see if you’ll be one of the ones who makes it through the toddler stages. Are you one of the tough that get going or one of the weak that taps out when the going gets tough? Where do you size up on the real estate wheel? Although it’s far too early to judge my success or the length of time I will be in this business, I can say that I love a challenge, I love the energy spent to put towards having a successful lose/lose (win/win) deal, to meet an excited client at that signing table to hand over the keys that say “we successfully did this,” and all of the moving facets and gears that come along with this career.

Preparing for the battle of succession in the careers of life is just as much about the time training prior to the actual engagement of the event if not more important because it takes tenacity, strength, focus, obedience, and mindfulness to place it all into motion. Although the education must continue forever because (as we all know) the only thing constant is change itself, I will feel the courage, confidence, skill, and force to progress into each stage until I grow. Failing only allows us to learn more. When we have the opportunity to fail at something, we have the confidence that we tried it, the lesson from our failures, and the strength to know we want to try it again another way or move to something else. Because we leave something, it does not necessarily mean that we gave up, but that we decided to pass it by because we were wise enough to realize that it wasn't for us.

Feeling now that I am in the position of receiving good leads, developing the correct skills for my next move, focusing on short term goals that I am achieving, listing for Sellers, selling to Buyers, progressing to work the floor, hoping to perfect open houses, and optimizing my resources in a strategic way so I am begging for help from a team or an assistant. I see this coming…I see that selling a home for someone leads to helping them purchase or vice versa, and how one happy client will refer you out to 3-5 others. I can see my five plates spinning at one time and my balancing act keeping them all in a rhythmic motion—there will be shaking, height changes, and trips, but I will not drop a plate because I am a professional! I have the experience. I have so much to bring to the table! And I will use my strengths to hone in on my goals and successfully achieve each of them to my level of fulfillment and success. I am feeling highly advantageous! Namaste...