Tomorrow we celebrate veterans day to recognize and honor sacrifice from those who serve our country every day! The men and women who risk their lives, their time with family, their sanity, their bodies, and their livelihood to make sure that we can live free (as possible) of violence, invasion, and fear. There are not enough words in my vocabulary to sum up the love and positive energy that I want to convey to those currently active duty in the military, retired veterans, military families, and anyone who has ever worked or been a part of a military working family in any way! To say that you all are courageous minimizes the fear and strength that are part of your every day lives as many of us repeatedly go through our lives safely and without much fear day in and day out. It takes a special heart and amount of courage to face challenges such as yours every day! This extends out to our first responders who too do not receive enough credit or affirmation that we are appreciative!! The businesses that are extending their thanks through discounts for everything from food to oil changes to hair cuts are so awesome because you recognize these "soldiers in society," and know that there is not ever enough that we can do to repay the debt so owned for the loyalty and defense we are given!

As a veteran, there are so many options for home purchase! If you have not yet used your benefits and you qualify, there are options with $0 down!! These loans could have a slightly higher percentage rate, take a little longer to process, and usually require a servicing fee of 2.15% of the loan cost, but they're government backed and can provide you leeway in lending if you qualify. There are even loans for disabled veterans that help to update and re-construct a home with ease for access of certain disabilities. Setco Title is now offering 20% off to all military and first responders for their funding fees at closing which usually run between $250 and $350--it's always nice to remember the services that remember us! It is my wish that everyone have a safe, long weekend with friends and family! If you have a veteran in your life, treat him or her extra EXTRA special this weekend! If you are a veteran, thank you again!!! I'm sending a big blogging hug your way! If I can help you find a home, let me know! I am not a mortgage lender, CPA, or attorney so I cannot give advice or information in any of these areas, but I can help you find the right resources and professionals in the fields that will guide and encourage you along the process--people I consider ethical and educated enough to refer them to you! Have a fun weekend all! Namaste...