Decorating, and the purchase of “things” can seem overwhelming when buying a home, but as the saying goes sometimes less is more. This coming from someone who has too many decorations to count and who is married to someone with just about every tool imaginable, is kind of humorous. Just because I may have too many things, doen’t mean that I am unaware of it nor that there isn’t an urgency to correct the overload! It becomes too apparent at times that we purchase just to purchase rather than for the true “feeling” of our home! Decluttering, simplifying, and purging can be such a cleansing and beautiful experience. I, for one, had no idea the hold that my items had on me. A year ago I may have laughed if asked “do your things own you?” But the fact is that they did and do. I found this to be more true than I’d like to admit just from having several yard sells this past year. Things I simply could not let go of just 4 months prior, seemed effortless to toss if not even an aggregation to keep. It was more apparent as the months went on, that things seemed silly all together. Now without question, there is room for improvement. I’ve still not started. Gifting my Louis Vuitton’s to the homeless or even managed to part with them for money, but that is where I want to be. Monetary items and label free! After all, these are just things. A label, a name, a cost, a popularity, a symbol, a religion, a group, a stature (and you get the point) shouldn’t define me. Just seeing that my worth is held inside of me is a huge leap, but not big enough.

For so long, I became caught up in “the blue pill” (the Matrix 1999: The Digital Cultures Project found at that allows you to continue going through life unaware and just believing what you want (or more commonly what the social environment leads us to believe), or you “take the red pill” to stay in your state of enlightenment and wonder to show yourself what is truly important. All that we need is within us—the beauty, strength, courage, kindness, love, compassion, will, etc. (you get the point again) is all within us. Without derailing too much, it is a reminder to focus on love and kindness, be present in the moments we experience, and not to work our lives away to purchase monetary things that bring us only momentary joy (if any). During this holiday season, I am so thankful for my children, my family, my marriage, my home, my experiences, my realizations, and myself--I'm thankful for who I've become and who I want to be...where I am headed. I can tell you it's a much different place than I was headed 10 or even 5 years ago; much different than most common North Americans. But I believe that where you're headed is great too; as long as it brings you fulfillment, happiness, and love for your self and your surroundings, then my place is no better nor worse than anyone else's--it's just simply the one that works for me. May you all have mindful and enjoyable holidays! Namaste...