Real Estate

I never knew how heartbreaking real estate would be for me! I've already met a couple of individuals that made me cry A LOT. The first kind soul wanted to move here because his daughter was not doing well, and he could not seem to find the funds to get here right away. He was afraid his credit wouldn't get him what he needed for his family to be comfortable, he worried about being too far out, and he was concerned about having the time for the family he was moving here for. I wanted nothing more at that very moment than to help this gentleman, but all of our joint efforts hit a roadblock for him. Soon after, I heard a "riches to rags" story from a sweet, hard-working couple who lost everything in their later years after trying to help out another family allowing them access to the farm they nurtured for most of their lives! It pulled on my heart to hear this woman felt so comfortable and closer enough to me to share these very emotional stories; she even sent me pictures from their farm as if to back up her story; she wanted me to know that she and her husband had done great things! Now hopefully, I've never given my clients or friends any reason to feel that they had to explain themselves to me to signify their work or worth! I valued this relationship & her as a genuinely kind person from the first time we spoke. Maybe I just have the kind of conversations that makes people want to open up, or maybe these people just needed somebody to talk to to begin with. I don't care if I'm making money off of them. Honestly I don't. No, I do not want to work for free, and have worked very hard to get where I am. And yes, listing homes or selling homes is how I feed my family, but I truly love making friends along the way and feeling like I'm helping people no matter what. It's nice to feel like you're helping someone just by talking on the phone to them! If I have the time, I will. Period! If I meet thousands of friends along this path, and I help a handful of them live a better life, I cannot consider myself a failure. I feel like relationships are the key to life. I want to feel needed, I want to feel loved, and helping people is in me.; I'm passionate about it! Without question, I am a sappy soul. I will give you everything that I have heart and soul until you let me down, and then, i am very hardheaded and difficult to get back in good faith with. I realize that holding grudges or being angry, Only hurts myself, but sometimes it's so hard to give up! Giving in that is! The strongest person is the one in control. I feel I know myself better than ever. And the universe comes full circle with Karma. I will embrace that and remind myself of that through all of my actions to become a little better every day! Mediation is key! Must meditate on crying less! Lol. Namaste...#emotional #notpregnant #thepenningtons #comesaleawaywithme #ilovemyjob