Today I felt very motivated by a classmate! Motivated to be a motivational speaker of sorts! LOL! I am bringing a positive post against bullies!

Being inspired, appreciated, respected, given attainable goals, and given the sense of self worth can make anyone feel very valuable in deed. People want to feel needed! Many people have animals because they want to feel loved and needed; we want companionship and positive social interactions. Let's run with that for a second… Our relationships very much rely on who we are and how we treat others. We have to first start by being good to ourselves because if we are not good to ourselves first, who will be? If we don't don't think We are worthy, then why should anyone else? You are worthy. Period. Everyone with a beating heart and breath in their lungs is worthy! We have to decide how we are, who we are, the level of respect we demand of the universe and humans that are around us! When we greet others with a smile and treat them good, it is very common that they will react with a similar response to us. I am currently just finishing the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and in it he makes a very valid remark on page 157, "loving someone who is not loving you is extremely difficult. It goes against our national tendencies." And he continues on to explain in different words that loving someone who is destructive to you is the hardest, but even criminals love enemies who love them! Even evil wants to be loved, and will generally reciprocate if we can just get past treating them as they treat us, and literally kill with kindness (to gain kindness)! I never really thought about it that way even though it seems so obvious and elementary in hindsight. People are programmed to react to things a certain way, and so we do. Some of us believe in a certian religion simply because it is what we were raised to know; many believe in something with little to no education on the subject. But because someone next to us on the bus, in the grocery, or in another country has different beliefs, it does not mean that they are uneducated or wrong or that you have no commonalities!  And we always must remember that emotions, conflict, and hard days make life difficult; we never know how badly one's day has gone or what may have put them in a sad/mad mindset. BE the change that you want to see and the smile that you may have needed for someone else. I'll go back to the word infectious that I used in another blog last week, and say that being kind is infectious, being a motivator is infectious, being successful is infectious, and so is negativity! Let us be infectiously positive in everything that we do and be mindful of how we are with each interaction every day! Take a step back from your usual responses and think about what a proper good response would be. Talk to someone as if you would talk to your grandmother with respect, caution, understanding, empathy, patience, and beauty in your heart; that will get you everywhere! Being the stronger person usually means being the quieter less responsive, and that is OK. Strong is being able to control your mind and your actions and take yourself to a beautiful meditative presence that is aware of all things, remains present, and reflects light upon darkness. Remember that you're beautiful, you're a classy, you are able, and you're doing life through yourself and your reflections on others. Let bygones be I bygones, erase negativity, move forward without regret or animosity; become the best you that YOU could be! I will finalize by stating that I am just as much a bully! Life is all about self-growth and practice to become a little better every day! I had unkind thoughts about the person that inspired me to write this, who is probably a very lovely individual! I did not love from the inside out as I should have, and I feel very naughty as my Australian friend Jaqui would say! Anyways, I'm better at writing it than implementing it! Meditating on how to be better tomorrow! Namaste...