Real Estate

One man's trash is another man's treasure, yes? Some recycle, some up-cycle, some reuse, and some sadly just throw away without a second thought. It became so apparent to me that recycling (at least in my hometown) is not priority to most and many have very little knowledge on the subject; most people I have spoken to, have not ever even recycled unless they have lived in another (usually larger) city. Few people are aware of places to recycle, what is able to be recycled in the area, and what the numbers for different plastics means. As much as I have read, learned from friends, and gained through online outlets about the subject, I still feel vastly under insightful on the subject. I do, however, know that this is a relevant and very urgent matter that needs to be brought to the forefront of ever community. I have seen the impacts already affecting our ozone, our neighbors, and our children's futures. When I drop off recycling, I have to drive to one place to take my cardboard, plastics (1 & 2), and my paper, another for glass and egg cartons, and another for cans. At some point, I am doing more harm to the Earth's atmosphere from all of the fuel I am using than good recycling. At what point is there a balance? When do we educate our community to take action? Action so that someone with a vacant piece of land in central locations could let us use it for recycle bins until it's no longer available, someone with a garbage service could make the drives to pick it up and disperse of it properly, a knowledgeable speaker could inform our towns about the importance and how to be involved without taking up too much time from your life, and us as a community could volunteer to help clear areas for use, keep them free of debris, and help with continuing education for future home owners and visitors of our area. I have yet to see one business in my area with a recycling bin. I take care in purchasing items in cartons that can be recycled just as I take care of purchasing non-GMO healthy foods for my family as often as possible. I grow what garden I can from my condo porch using waste to grow organic, vegetables such as celery and avocados or fruit like pineapples, when possible. Try to use refillable water bottles and reusable grocery bags. Find a new use for something instead of just tossing it out; I've seen beautiful purses made from out place mats, bracelets from old forks, and shelves from old pallets at yoga festivals. We need to get creative, take less and give back more, and help nurture and protect Mother Earth for our babies and babies babies' futures. After all, what is all of this hard work for, if not for them? 

That being said, I like to take old things, and make them beautiful again; I love buying and selling homes. I love being in real estate! I absolutely love helping people find their dream homes, helping ease the process and all that comes with it (because life is just so hectic as is), and I love helping people sell when they have that need as well. I love to build and design. I was the only girl in shop class through my middle school and some high school years. I originally went to school for architecture at the University of FL in Gainesville because of my love for these things; I was miserable beyond belief there, so I returned and settled for a different degree, but that is and always has been my passion. I reignited that passion with volunteering for Habitat for Humanity--it is true I love the carpentry and decorating side more than the engineering, but all is pretty awesome. Through real estate, I am building the skill sets I need to invest even further in my passions through buying homes, making them beautiful/livable/updated/loved again, and selling them to people who appreciate them as much as I do. It's an exciting time for me! I have so many talented, ambitious, eager, articulate, professional, honest, and dependable people on my team, and I cannot wait to see everything implemented. Mind you, I am in no rush as I enjoy working my way from the bottom; knowing why and how something works is more important than giving demands for the end result. One must first gain the knowledge as a good follower before one can truly be a great leader. I pay attention, take notes, do all that is asked of me, practice, perform and perform again until I am great, initiate the goal, and seek to obtain it whilst never stopping the learning process as it is all ever changing, growing, and evolving. This is the very beginning stages of a fulfilled and happy me--a me that will one day get in an RV to help everyone I can, see everything that I can, and be with my family every moment that I can. Living and fulfilling what means happiness to me. Yoga began me on this journey of getting back to me (is embodies all that I am and choose to become), having children further launched me into realizing what is truly important, and being forced into change made me proactive in path to obtaining my true goals and not just what I have been handed by circumstance. It is truly amazing what we can find when we listen to ourselves: who we are, how to improve into what we want to become, what we want to wear/eat/feel/touch, and what is going to leave us truly fulfilled when we meet life's end. May you find your fixer-upper! May you too do what makes your heart smile rather than what supplies the funds to clutter your home with unnecessary things. May you find more time for meaningful moments with your loved ones. After several tangents, getting off subject, and typing side stories that may have no relevance, I still feel very happy at the end of my writing. Sometimes flow does not make sense, but it's better to keep the flow than to interrupt the process--embrace the process (my previous blog)! Namaste...