Real Estate

I thought since I am in the land of madness trying to learn all things real estate, purchase and sale contracts, showings, listings, addendum, contingencies, yadda-ladda-home-ladda, and trying to succeed (with dripping swear, pounding heart, and through-the-roof anxiety) my first ever closing which just happens to be to a family member (thank goodness for family) for a 1.8 million dollar beach front home (no pressure), that I'd post the bio I've been also working on as my blog today to find out what y'all think! So here goes!

Make America....(scratch that)...Real Estate Great Again? Well, this is my catch phrase to get your attention Americans and non-Americans, so welcome to my bio! In my opinion, it has always been great, because within its boundaries, hearts such as those of my children, my grandparents, my mailman, and I guess, my husband too, have made lives and homes here. Whether or not one feels a government and its systems are corrupt is obsolete. It is those who farm our land, provide learning in our schools, and police our streets that make the difference every day! If we are the change we want to see, anywhere can “be great!” For example, you may not care for the park, but if Brett Favre were there playing football with neighborhood kids, it may be an extremely awesome day to be there! I am Melissia Pennington, proudly affiliated with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Panama City Beach as a realtor. It is my opinion that real estate is always a need whether you need to sell, purchase, or lease it is my job to see that it is done fairly, correctly, confidently, ethically, and soundly—whilst trying to make it an enjoyable experience as well. My family, including myself and my husband’s families, are all from Bay County dating back several generations. We know the most favorable locations, the hidden gems, and the best bang for your buck! I graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor in Advertising/Marketing and a Certified Minor in Business. Over eight years have been dedicated to running a multi-million dollar company basically single-handed, and the prior twenty dedicated to studies in multiple fields while working multiple long-term jobs. I enjoy giving back to the community, so in my “spare time” I enjoy Habitat for Humanity, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Becoming a mother of two has led me to where I am today, and where I intend to start my empire. Let’s make wherever we are great—whether it’s the park, the car, a new town…whatever it is, we make it great by being great! So let me find your new great place, let me sell your home and make it great for a new family, or just refer you to a new great state. Whatever it is, I am here to be your agent, confidant, and friend! Namaste…