Well, it's here! It is Labor Day weekend and some say this on officially marks the end of the summer season! I can say that As daylight savings time comes to an end, I lose a bit of my soul! I have heard (and not from any reputable source) that the time change is for farmers who argued that morning didn't come early enough for them! If there is any truth to this fact I would surely like to know! I consider myself an early riser, and I feel that the sun raises and said it's perfectly this time of year! I love to wake just before sunrise, do a bit of yoga as the sun comes up, and have plenty of time to do chores, exercise, Beach, and Wine for the sunset around 7 PM. Yes, it sounds like a leisurely life, but I'm just giving you a best day scenario! Gifted, if I were Farmer, my duties might be much more important and I may know more about sunrise and sunset according to the needs of my crops--I am not a farmer however, and I'm just going with the needs of a regular beach girl raised in the south! Can we get a vote on this? I figure since we voted trump into presidency, anything is possible! Right?! Can't we just keep the same time all the time? What are the rebuttals to this? I need to know!
The rant comes from an earlier post via FB live, and I was covering the history of Labor Day! After seeing so many flags resembling the celebration of memorial day Koehnnemann I wanted to look at the true mean! In my search, I found that the kings of labor and the labor union joined forces in 1886 to create a day that celebrated and rested hard labor workers! From my readings, Oregon was the first to make the holiday official to the public! So, although many of us think of this as the end of summer, we also need to take a moment to appreciate those whom are hardworking labor workers and allow us to eat out, sleep inn comfortable homes away from home, and those who do all of the duties so many of us turn our noses to or consider "the service industry" who we often forget and under appreciate. Take a moment to say thanks and extend gratitude verbally and monetarily when able. Enjoy your weekend, have responsible fun, & pay it forward to those working hard to make ends meet no matter the job! It is easy for any of us to under estimate the work, knowledge, and expertise involved in any line of work if we to having done it ourselves! You cannot walk in another man's shoes; it is hard enough to have empathy about similar situations! Happy Labor Day and Namaste...