New real estate agents have it hard. There are so many classes to take, so many things to learn, land to map out, fees to pay, much free work to do, electronics to purchase, apps to learn and download, and networking to do. Besides all of this, you’re typically taking in any customers possible just to get a sale whether it means countless hours of searching and driving just to have the client tell you they’re no longer interested, couldn’t get the funds, or they decided to buy from someone else. Now, I don’t know an agent that wants to pressure a client to work with them if they don’t want to, because let’s face it, if you are not compatible with someone, you’re just not. And this is a very big purchase that is most likely already making the Buyer nervous, scared, and excited all at once, so they at least need to feel totally comfortable with their agent. Of course home buying begins with searching on your own (usually online) for the first 1-3 months, then getting in touch with a REALTOR® to work with alerts and possibilities over the next 3-6 months, and actually viewing properties until you find the perfect place or just give up from the next 6-9 months. It can be a very long process.

It is respectful to let someone know you might need another agent so as to not waste anyone’s time, and also respectful of everyone’s time to get a pre-qualification letter from your mortgage lender prior to asking to view homes. Sometimes people can afford less than they expected, and they’ve spent days or weeks or months looking at homes that are just not within their means—it’s never fun to look at the very best model of something, and then have to go buy the least expensive model available. It’s like “now you know what you’re missing!” Like my kids would eat all of the healthy purees I made for them until they were a year old, but after they were given yummy (less healthy) options, they knew other things were available that they would prefer, and they started throwing my food to the ground.

Yes, there is always the internet for viewing, and it is fun to daydream and have goals on where you may want to live in the future. It’s okay to aspire to live in that 8,000 sq ft home on the beach, but view it online, and make a plan to accomplish your goals. Seeing it, walking through it, and touching it is a whole other level; now you are picturing your things hanging on the walls, your kids enjoying that yard, your boat in the lift off of your own personal dock, and Christmas time with your growing family in that large kitchen.

Point is to be respectful of yourself, your agent, the Seller’s agent, and the Seller and get a pre-approval on an amount that you can comfortably afford from your mortgage lender prior to viewing. Not to mention, we’re putting toxins into the environment with all of the gas! Be nice to Mother Earth too! Namaste…