From the first time I wrote in a blog, I knew that I had stories to tell, and whether or not they were related to real estate didn’t really structure my delivery; I have always been a person to go with my feeling/mood for that moment, day, year…what have you. Even in high school, I would dress country one day, preppy the next, and maybe gothic the following day. Depending on my mood and what you’re referring to (whether it be my favorite color clothes—always black btw or my favorite color flower) my favorite color would change moment to moment! Don’t get dynamic feeling changes confused with a lack of connection or assurance of who I am. I am very in touch with me! In fact, I feel that is the problem with too many of us; we conform to one color or one status because that is how society wants to define us. However, I do not choose to conform, nor do I adjust how I feel to relate to others. It is my right and my choice to change my favorite color, my favorite attire, and my favorite hobbies (etc) how I see fit at any given time. The aspects that makeup the core of me are steadfast, consistent, and strong—my spiritual beliefs, my priorities, my work ethic, my nature, my heart, my goal minded attitude and strong minded will do not waver. It is the core of our mind that keeps things together that are really important, just as the core of our bodies aligns all of the other muscles and bones so that we are strong and sculpted! Without the core, we fall, and without allowing a little personality to define the rest, we lose ourselves in mainstream.

I find that I get swept up with mainstream music, work, and life just as we all do. It’s easy to lose sight of our own goals whilst society is constantly shoveling numbers, strategies, and a perception of success at us. As I’ve said in past blogs, success is relative! To some it means money, others fame, or to people like me, it means having quality time with your loved ones to do things, share moments, and travel the world together. Do I need some level of success and achievement for these things to fall into place? Of course I do! It’s all about balance! A sweet soul messaged me a few nights ago just to tell me that my blog changed their household “normal routine” so that she read to her child, let her enjoy her bath time without being rushed, and read to her before putting her to bed. Firstly, it is so nice to hear that I made someone pause to take that time, and it made my night to hear it. I too have been that person so many times! The woman who rushed through life just trying to be “Super Woman” because we do! Forgetting why we do all of this craziness in the first place; which for most women, is for our kids. Some want more time, a better education, for them to have more things, or to provide something else for them. Whatever the case may be, we must have a balance. The best story I have ever heard, had to do with taking a jar and filling it up with large stones, and when the teacher asked if the jar was full, the class would answer yes. The teacher would then take smaller pebbles and fill in the spaces of the stones, and so on until he/she poured sand into all of the open spaces to show so much more could be put in than the class originally answered. The moral of the story was, to put all of the big items that are really important into your life jar first, and then you will have plenty of time for those medium and little things to fill in when and where they’re needed. But if you firstly fill the jar with the smaller things that don’t, the smaller things will quickly take up all the room (hence the sand filling all the space where no large stones could fit). Anyways, I have loved this story ever since I heard it, and I wanted to share it with you. If I knew where it originated from, I would certainly give credit where credit is due—that being said, if you know, please message me. We cannot be the woman that life has taught us is acceptable! We cannot make all of their food from scratch, be the bread winner making six figures a year, still make all of the kids special and school events, coach cheerleading, sew on buttons, be the maid for the house that vacuums daily, make dinner nightly, work out to stay thin, do make-up and hair and clothes to perfection daily, and still fit in time to do a hobby we like much less enjoy a very well deserved glass of wine! Ladies, I am tired just typing it! Let’s give it a rest! Let the house be messy, go without your hair washed a few days (it’s better for it anyway), leave the dishes or laundry for tomorrow and watch that movie, and leave your phone on the counter to make that time. I realized if I would just shut up an extra hour a day talking to strangers about things they could care less about, I could be spending that time undisturbed with my kids at night! If you’re busy, find out why, and cut the fat so to speak! By the way, if you are a loyal reader, thank you! I really appreciate everyone who is supporting me! And now, I must go enjoy my kids! Namaste…