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And then there was a computer glitch! Well, a complete computer malfunction to be precise. I had an HP computer when this Real Estate career began, and I loved that computer. Sitting down after a long day to indulge in a glass of wine while searching for properties for a client, my glass got knocked over right on top of my keys by my child. Needless to say, wine is sugar, and made my keys stick in addition to screen getting black lines through it. I went to Best Buy where the man in the computer section suggested a Lenovo (previously IBM) Yoga 720 because it had a ton of memory, could convert to a pad, and was touch screen; the computer sounded like everything I needed and it was priced right. I had it less than a month and it froze up--it wouldn't let me log on period, and screen remained black. The next day, it worked perfectly again, and I had no problems for a month. Same thing happened again while I was in Orlando for the annual FL REALTORS® Convention 2017. After spending several hours on the phone with Lenovo's customer service, I was transferred to their customer service in another country. They charged my $200 stating that my warranty through Best Buy ($350 btw) did not cover viruses. I explained I had limited time and could not stay on the computer with them because I had classes lined up, and they assured me that I would be needed for 5-10 minutes. They further assured me that I wouldn't be charged if they couldn't fix it within the time period I had available. Long story short, I was without my computer, and drove directly to Best Buy when returning home to Panama City. I dropped the computer off for a 48-hour turnaround, and was told that my warranty actually did include everything. Within 34 hours, Best Buy was calling me to tell me that the problem was actually a hardware problem and the computer had to be sent back to the company--it would take weeks before I could get it back. Not to mention, I had to reload programs, documents, and passwords all over again...what a headache. As I started to get emotional (especially because I was to leave town again in a day and a half, they offered to credit me to get another computer of my choice. After much deliberation and stress over the decision I so was not ready to make, I broke down and splurged on myself an Apple. I've always wanted one, but I had heard all the hype about how they were over priced and you would just be paying for the name. I always talked myself out of it because I choose to be a bit more practical and grounded when possible. I've had it one day, and I LOVE IT! The learning curve has been seemingly easy, and it is so quick. I guess you do get what you pay for. And kudos to Best Buy's staff--their customer service has been impeccable. In the past two years, I have bought everything from washer and dryer there to cameras, computers, and business enhancement products. I get the warranty when available, and I have never had a single issue. If there is a problem, they cover it with a smile. I don't know if it's the competition from online sales or if they just treat their employees right, but whatever the case, I have been extremely happy with them. Lenovo's customer serve on the other hand... not so much. Even the whole "lemon computer" thing wasn't the first issue. When I purchased the computer, it was displayed with a stylus, the packaging said "included in this box: stylus," and there was box perfectly. suited for a stylus where there was an empty whole (size of a pen). When I called to make sure the Geek Squad hadn't misplaced it during the transfer of my information from one computer to another, they stated they hadn't even opened the bottom of the box. Then, I called Lenovo, and they stated that it was a "packaging defect." They admitted that it was their problem, and they wouldn't make good on it! It probably costs them 30% ($10-15) to fix the issue, but instead, they lost a customer. Choose your battles. If you can fix a problem and keep a good name for a small fraction, do it. If my clients need me, I am there. You have to build a business and a name that people can rely on and trust. You have to be prestigious and envied because of the product you put out--that is why I chose Apple. Did I vomit a bit from the cost? Sure. Did I think of all of the other things I could've loved and owned with that same amount of money? Sure. But now I have a reliable product from a company that is successful, and I'm hopeful that the product's good name represents its products well! Looking forward to undisturbed work and complete customer satisfaction because of using this product!