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If Murphy’s Law had a picture of a person next to it, I am pretty sure it would be me. More days are more comical than others, but nonetheless, the silliest things happen to me or to others while I’m present, or have just happened and are somehow in my path. And it seems the simple tasks cause me the most headaches. For instance, logging on to the office Wi-Fi is usually simple right?! Well, my computer decided to shut down and put a complete firewall up so that we had to download software to get it to accept—still not a big deal, but hours more work! It almost always rains when I go to get tons of groceries only to have Wal-Mart tell me they are out of bags again! Did you know that they’re only allowed to order like 96,000 a week/month (however often they order). Now I am obviously for this and for saving the planet, and even charging people for each plastic bag if they should decide to help kill our environment so I get it! I have tons of the reusable bags that are usually back at my home because I did not pre-plan my shopping adventure, but it’s obvious I should now start planning or just leave the bags in my vehicle. According to the Australian government, a car could drive 36 feet with the amount of petroleum used to make a single plastic bag (and paper bags aren’t any better)! We should’ve never been able to use these items for convenience to start with!!! This being said, I am all for the “bring your own bags approach,” but for my blog’s topic to continue, the point was it was pouring and I had loads of stuff and no way to carry it from cart to car except one by one. I would then go home, get out my eco-friendly reusable bags, and pack the groceries only to bring them inside. I could go on…wearing the wrong shoes together, nearly slicing my entire finger off just opening a pack of new cutlery, nearly bleeding to death after taking organic earthy-spices and Asian concoctions post pregnancy to lose weight, breaking my toe on the corner leg of the couch walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night just one day prior to my birthday skate party…you get the idea. Although I am positive silly (and some not so silly) things happen to many people all over every day, because I only live my life and have yet to see this with others, I claim Murphy’s Law!

Why all of this? Because I just paid two photographers for 907 sf ft of photography! Because I contacted the first photographer via Facebook and the second via phone and everyone seemed to have two phone numbers not including their receptionist who was also texting me, I apparently confirmed with two people! Awkward as it seemed, I decided to take both shoots and pay both photographers since I did feel 75% responsible! It was a $100 lesson to always store your contacts if you might text or call them again! Always! I have so many numbers in my phone so I have been a little pickier with who I add to my contacts, and who has time to go through them one by one to delete the people you no longer speak with? Not me said the red hen! I barely have time to shop without bags in the pouring rain! Come on! Anyways, that is my long drawn out $100 lesson for you today! Enter numbers! That is all I have for now! Namaste…