WRITER'S NOTE: My cousin and I were just texting back and forth about how we missed each other, and a lot of this blog was copied from our text messages (be happy I'm not texting you with my long winded-ness and the words that I make up just like that one), and the blog subject is entirely based off of it.

Let's join together people! It's all about unity and bonds! Just think how far we could be with everything: education, production, and advancements with catastrophic worldly issues if we all just wanted to help one another and rise above trying to be better, smarter, richer, etc.

Families fall apart so quickly, and that's where the tightest bond of all should be! I have seen more times than I'd like to recollect families arguing over money or items that may result in money, sometimes even before a loved one is deceased. I have even seen families stop speaking to their elderly members because of what they had written in their will about who gets what. Really people? Are we such in this materialistic state of mind that our things and comfort mean more than our loving relationships? Even if we don't care for them, aren't they allowed to do as they please with what they have inherited or earned over their lifetime. It is our duty to provide our path, not for us to sit around waiting for handouts--and most certainly not for the cost. If you rely on anything other than your inner joy to bring you happiness, you will sorely let down. You could be the most successful, famous, influential, wealthy, healthiest or most beautiful person in the world and not be rich! Rich is relationships, memories, interactions, moments and memories, and no one can take them from you or buy them. They are irreplaceable, unique, and worth giving up every other thing! The thing that I want most that takes money, is traveling around the US and then abroad with my family, but it's just for the memories, not the things. Sure I like things like all women, but they really don't matter. I don't need a purse that says to people "I have more money and success than you do, and I want you to envy me" or a job that says my status makes me smarter and more educated than you or attention that says I'm more important and relatable than you. I just want to live my life with my children enjoying being present in the moment and showing them things that I believe my family will enjoy. Somewhere between the movie Captain Fantastic and the show Total Divas (Brie's life with her husband) is where I'd love to be--nestled in between those two worlds is my happy/dream place. Simplistic. Taking only what we need from the earth, yoga and meditation every morning, reading and education, growing my own huge garden that feeds us all we need, minimalist living, giving back to the earth and our communities, and being oh so thankful for each breath. I know (another blog), I am spinning off subject again!

I miss our family gatherings! I always imagined having Christmas at Grandmother's home with my children one day, but now that this day is here, we have not a single Christmas gathering together! I wish the siblings would all agree on an ombudsman (although that may only be a business term) to come to a meeting of the minds so they can all "build a bridge & get over" (as Judi Rutland would say) all this BS that's going on, and agree to never let stuff in the way of their relationships ever again. My friend Maria Schaffer always said, "don't sweat the small stuff!" If we are honest with ourselves, mostly all is truly small stuff--when we think of getting emotional, it should be about large issues like loss of a loved one, global warming, and world hunger. We should also be putting much needed energy into these issues instead of the all too common ignorance and avoidance (but that's a whole other blog too). Gossip, assumption, disagreements, accusations, bitterness, envy, and guilt hang over a family like a dark cloud and it's so disheartening; especially at a time when grandma needs us all loving each other and being supportive of one another (as a family should be) more than ever. You see, my grandmother has dementia, and she is losing all of her memory--memory of her children's names, how to brush her teeth, and how to enjoy life all together. She has to be cared for 24/7. It is such a devastating illness to witness; it hurts the family so much, and who knows how she is truly feeling inside. I cannot imagine not knowing the people walking through my house daily, not knowing what things are mine, not remember my kids...she apologizes every time I visit for not knowing things. It breaks my heart literally into a million pieces. And whether the family knows it or not, they are all taking years off of their lives, and for what?! To be right? Who cares who's right?? Loving one another unconditionally without judgement or selfishness of any kind is the only true way to be right. We must put ourselves (health, educations, understanding, soul, kindness, etc) first so that we can all love others in the same respect. If we don't like our job, money, looks, things, life, anything, we express that by putting negative energy into the universe and projecting it on to the ones we love the most because we can--in some sick, unconscious way, it helps us feel better (but that is very short lived). The Beatles had it right when they said "all you need is love" to be truly happy. Education, health, and other very specific things are needed to be fulfilled and balanced, yes, but to be happy in your heart, all you need is love! We all have a strong bond to family and traditions, and we should not let them sever over something silly. Try to take a step back before responding negatively by thinking "could that person have meant something else? Or maybe my interpretation is way different than theirs. Or thinking about what they may be going through at that moment/hour/year. Try to put yourself in their shoes, and imagine how you would react in the same situation, and think about how the response could be improved. Use it as a learning experience rather than a judgmental one. And sure, this is all super easy, good advice to type, but the true challenge comes in when we try to execute these things--especially when our heart rate spikes, adrenaline is going, and someone has just stomped on your ego! Trust me, anyone who knows me, knows that I can be super hard headed. Growing in life is a practice--it's all about getting better, being conscious about our actions and decisions, and trying to improve every day! Don't question who you are, but become the change in the world that you would love to see.

Your choice is always right as long as it's the right choice for you… If that makes sense. I believe if you know that something is for your benefit spiritually, emotionally, and physically, then it is right whether or not anyone else agrees...even me! (lol) Namaste my loves...