Real Estate

Pretty sure we've all heard the saying "don't count your chickens before they hatch!" I've never found a career where this saying holds true more, than in real estate...well perhaps stocks too! And in both businesses, this holds true for the career side and the action side (such as buyer or seller). No use in counting on getting the price for your home or counting on those stocks to rise, until it happens. And on the reverse, no wise person should ever count on that closing and the income associated with it nor a stock broker account for gains before all is finalized. Any one who has been in real estate for 50 years or 50 days can tell you that anything and everything can go wrong in between that contract getting signed and the closing. One of my very intelligent instructors suggested and reminded us over and over to allow at least 35 days for closing--did I listen? Hell no! I forgot! And just by coincidence of how the dates fell on the weekends, I did put closing 32 days out, but that still wasn't enough! 35 would've been the magic number! Of Course! Even after calling the bank's mortgage loan officer and the title company several times to assure that they had everything they needed, I was still contacted just 10 days prior to closing for an addition to the survey, then the Buyer contacted another 4 days prior for more paperwork, and again 3 days prior. Obviously, closing did not happen on schedule! Thankfully all were in agreement for an extension on the closing date. Now whether you're selling a $30,000 piece of land, or a $3,000,000 luxury home, your income is an important reward for all of your efforts and hard work. Sometimes we are in need of paying off debt, monthly bills, or Christmas presents, and other times, when we've had a very successful year, we may plan on luxury items like Louis Vuittons or investments like stocks or property (for the wiser). We mustn't get ahead of our abilities and budgets by letting excitement of possible success take over. We must sit quietly, work diligently, think clearly, and be consistent to care for and warm our baby eggs! If I sound like I am reminding myself of such, that is EXACTLY what I am doing!! My closing that has not yet come with the money that I have not yet made has been in my account (in my head) for weeks! Did I know better? Yes! Did I think positively in hopes that my good energy would only steer things in my direction (up)? Yep! That too! And did I overspend? Suuuuuuurrrreeee did! Against my better judgement, I did what I said I wouldn't. 

No to mention, I have been downsizing, de-cluttering, and trying to simplify my life in every facet so that I may focus on what is truly important in life! It's no secret I have a LONG way to go! Did I really need one of these new fidget toys that everyone seems to have? They are completely silly and a waste of money meant to waste boredom time which I do not have; plus they are completely unproductive which I loathe. Bought it! Almost bought two (one for each kid). Blah! My husband has the greatest motto for shopping (which he rarely lives by, by the way), "only get what's on your list." If I could do that, I'd be rich. That and be hypnotized do dislike wine!! Those two things, and I wouldn't have to work! That's something to think about! Are those things really THAT important to me? Sad if so, but that's a whole other blog! LOL. Straying off point per usual, I'll step back into the chicken range (bad joke)! Point is, and you already know it, wait until everything and I mean everything is said and done before counting on it for anything in any way! And if you need it that bad, better have several plates spinning at once because one (or more) is liable to fall off at any moment and break wasting all of your hard work, fuel from several drives, and hours you'll never get back to share with your family. Don't let it derail you, just move on to the next plate. Easier said than done, yes, but life is not about what happens to you, but how you react it when it does. If you want to be rich surround yourself with wealthy people and do what they do! Apply that to anything in life! Namaste...