Yesterday was my 38th birthday! I did the usual morning routine with my kids, did a few loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, started putting together packages for those affected by the hurricane in Texas, and worked from home for several hours. When I was a toddler, birthdays consisted of fun parties, pin-the-tail on the donkey, balloons, birthday cake, streamers, and clowns. As I got older, birthdays were skate/pool/dress-up parties, sleep overs, silly string, flirting, socializing, dancing, and sneaking out. Then came the years of being considered an adult where we got lovely phone calls from family, we could go to nightclubs, meet up with several friends, and celebrate with a few shots and presents. As parenting became a thing within our groups, the celebrating meant getting a sitter, going to a nice dinner, and struggling to have a drink after if the sitter was scheduled late enough...oh, and seeing all of the wishes posted for us on Facebook! What was once considered fun completely changes. Conversations turns from what sports car you bought or person you’re dating to potty training techniques and how to keep your plants alive!
As life goes on, our parties, our desires, and our personal time becomes less relevant, and our children’s lives are at the forefront of our thoughts, decision, and actions. It is so great to be a parent yet so exhausting. Birthday enjoyments can be as simple as taking a bubble bath, having a glass of champagne, and staying in your pjs all day! I’m currently fine with that. Whether you’re still in a pre-children stage because you’ve decided not to have them, can party like a rock star and still be a stellar parent the next day, or because you’ve just not had them yet, you can agree that the cycle would change (and possibly for the better). It is a fact that children have made me a better person all around. I want to be more comfortable in my skin, think about my actions before executing them, and spend my precious time more wisely—I do these things because I want my children to. When we are focused with our intentions we can sail though them more efficiently and effortlessly taking less time to be more productive. It is said that Virgos are good with lists, orderly and organized spaces, methodical and logical techniques/actions, and hard work is standard for us. Sounds pretty spot on for me. The sign is the only zodiac represented by a woman—intelligent but rather pedantic and spinsterish which would be the less admirable parts of me (perfectionist/overly detailed and nagging). This probably also explains why most Virgos cannot attempt a love/marriage partnership and the union is considered unfathomable. Its a “this room ain’t big enough for the both of us” type scenario.
As I grow, I learn of my shortcomings, I focus on the truly important things in life, and I focus on getting rid of the “noise” and clutter both physically and mentally! It is a difficult process but one that I know will be well worth the efforts. I read a magazine at my hair salon about nomads who can fit everything they own in a large backpack; these people have such freedom to travel, explore, and should search. It’s a beautiful way to strip yourself of everything meaningless and be one with the Earth. Now that I have children, I cannot fathom this much freedom from things, and I would not feel ethical to take them away from contemporary living so drastically without their personal agreement to such and being that my children are one and three, it may be a bit early to wrap their minds around such change for the “yes, let’s do it” to be genuine. I have decided there are certain, definite callings for me—things that call out to my soul. I use to consider these things my Bucket List, but I need more Carpe Diem in place. I don’t want to start doing the things on my list when I know I’m close to dying, I want to do them until I die. I want to really LIVE! Life should not be all about having parties, decorating for holidays, classes, denominational gatherings, etc. Not to me anyway. To me, it needs to be about going out and doing those things that we love. No more running in the hamster wheel because the government likes to keep us there. Find a passion to pay your way and start living. I must be this to preach this and I am striving to do so! Happy 38th birthday to ME—may I start my life my way today! Focus + Action = GOAL…Nasmaste my loves