Some of the brightest, most talented, and most successful people in history were rejected, turned away, told they weren't good enough, and were made to feel crazy! If you're dream were easy, it wouldn't be big enough! Never stop, Never listen to anything louder than your heart, and never feel like a failure--you know better! You are you because you like who you are; don't let others make you second guess your actions, your dreams, or your individuality. Staying true to who we are no matter how
"against the odds," defiant, or even strange we might seem, makes us unique, and there is nothing more beautiful than that.

It is when we think outside the box and set ourselves apart that we truly make a difference. I remember Shark Tank’s Daymond John talking about a real estate agent who couldn’t get a booth at an event, so she went out and bought tarot cards, sat at the entrance at a table, and read people their tarot readings just to be able to converse with them and get their attention. She didn’t walk off with her head hung low because she felt defeated! NO! She reinvented the rules…made a new entry door into the house of success. For this reason, I do not tell my children no to things that people may categorize as male or female colors, sports, or toys—I feel it prohibits them from enjoying what is truly in their heart by trying to guide them into what society sees fit. It is limiting our minds and our thoughts that make it extremely difficult to engage in what our heart is telling us.

The man that first wore pink and the woman who first wore combat boots, they started a trend. To be a trend setter is to have admiring followers. To be yourself despite judgement, gains, or fitting in is a beauty beyond mainstream thinking—it is strong, beautiful confidence that is seldom appreciated or witnessed today. In not just real estate, but every facet of our lives whether it be individual fulfillment, business success, or finding life's true “happy place,” we should seek to be different, connect with our childlike heart’s true desires, and set ourselves apart from everyone else’s idea of success, achievement, and fulfillment is…creating our own destiny and in fact our own brand! An empire can be built with one man’s hands and a mere sand castle can take thousands of ants, but without direction, strategic planning, and an inspirational mind, the first of men/ants is just seeing stone and a pile of sand. Namaste…