Real Estate

This morning I scramble to get ready for my first showing! I feel completely unprepared for such a huge task. I'm a brand new realtor, and boy did I underestimate my new position. To be quite frank, I'd met some "less than articulate people" with the title in my day, and I was taken back at the knowledge needed for the trade. It is so in depth, and a realtor has so much to be accountable for--let's not even mention the broker!! I have begun my journey with a wonderful company and team, and I am so fortunate to have them all on my side. Without each of them, I would know so much less than I do now, and I have so so much more to learn. My main advantage here, is that I am  on from this town! Dating decades of generations back, my ancestors and my husbands' ancestors are all from this little town! Hopefully, most of them will call upon me for their real estate needs; hopefully early on so I can get my practice in with them! A disadvantage, is that everyone seems to be in the business, but I've never been afraid of a little competition--it only pushes me farther and harder! Bring it! And so this knew phase of life begins at 37. The phase I have chosen so that I can set my own schedule, basically be my own boss, and work with a select few amazing people! My career as the GM of a bar/restaurant for 55-70 hours per w eek was exhausting with two babies, and I wanted to grow/live with my family, not work my life away. After all, what good is money, if we don't have time to live life and share time with the people we love? I can tell you, during this last eight months of transitioning, I have been the happiest I can ever remember (well, I'll say the last three)! 

And so back to me being very nervous about today...I have my first showing today! Luckily it is to a family member! Thank goodness for family right! Still nervous! It is almost a $2 million listing! I now see why this job is sooooooo addicting! It's super exciting, nerve-racking, frustrating, and nauseating all at once. Let the roller coaster begin! After I grow, and learn more, I'll be posting how to help with showing for other newbies! And I'd love any feedback to help my path as well! Thanks for reading! Namaste..