Real Estate

Sunday's are great for Open Houses! For the most part, people have attended their birthday parties, weddings, and other social events, and are preparing for the week ahead at their home by doing laundry, washing vehicles, mowing the lawn, and watching a little football (this time of year anyways). It's a perfect day to offer chilled, crisp Riesling and fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies! 

My check list for Open Houses is: small and large garbage bags, sign in sheets, CMA on subject property, printout of other active or recently properties that are similar to subject property, mortgage information, business cards, sign-in sheet, candles, Bluetooth speaker, fresh flowers, vase, cookie or popcorn, serving dish(es), air freshness, backup toilet paper and paper towels, bottled water, wine, hand soap, lotion, body spray (all for bathroom), directional signs, balloons, pens, iPad, gift bags for adults and children, doggie biscuits and kitty treats, lemonade or coffee essentials, dinner or beverage napkins, small gift and thank you note for the owners, video camera/cellular phone, handouts with business cards attached, cooking sheet and plastic ware needed, extra light bulbs, new doormat, cake tray, and make sure you have ample time prior to setup/put out signage/do live video of home, , flashlight, hammer, duck tape, lighter, yard measurer, home informational folder, "I Know A Guy..." binders, Sales Contract, and Zipper Ties--I have a whole REALTOR® toolkit that I take everywhere complete with wet wipes, sanitizer, camera, water, large umbrellas, books, professional/successful clothing, fresh fruit, flyer on what events are coming up nearby!

A young lady that saw my business cards at the convention in Orlando a few months back, asked what the writing on the back was. I matter-of-factory told her that they were discounts to nearby, local favorites for food and entertainment. Whether we are coming in from a long, fun day in the sun on the paddle board or coming from far in town where we can realize and cherish the beauty of nature in all of its elements. Many children are blind unfocused, pompous, pretentious, spoiled,impatient,